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Best Plumbing Contractor Service and Cost in Albuquerque, NM
Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling

Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM: Are you looking for the Best Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM ? Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling, takes pride when it comes to the plumbing services because we offer professional plumbing services and solutions that are designed to provide high functionality, excellent efficiency, and maximum cost cuts. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Plumbing Contractor Service around Albuquerque, NM. We serve Albuquerque, NM and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Plumbing Contractor

Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM: Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling takes pride when it comes to the plumbing services because we offer professional plumbing services and solutions that are designed to provide high functionality, excellent efficiency, and maximum cost cuts.

  • Instant Leak Detection

We have a quick leak detection process and it allows us to deliver you an excellent turnaround which is 50% faster than all others in the industry.

  • Expertise in Expansion and Renovation

Remodeling or new design we can take care of your plumbing projects and get you the results that you have always wanted for your project.

  • Reduced Costs and High Efficiency

We make sure that all our design services and solutions revolve around efficiency. This will have a dual effect and ultimately your utility costs will decline in both the long and short run.

Get professional plumbing contractor services

Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling’s Scope of Plumbing Services

Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM: Whether you are looking to work on a new project or going for remodeling, a plumbing contractor will take care of the project based on your requirements while also complying with the rules that are set by the governing authorities. The Albuquerque, NM Municipal Code is one of the governing bodies that oversee these regulations. There are heavy penalties and various other charges if a project doesn’t meet these requirements and to save all such hassles you need to hire the services of a plumbing contractor.

Thus hiring Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling will not only allow your project to handle all the obligations effectively but it will also make sure that all the plumbing requirements of your project are met effectively. You only need to hire a professional and experienced plumbing contractor that can guide your entire project to success.

Albuquerque, NM Engineers will make sure that all the aspects of your projects meet the current as well as future needs above and beyond the set benchmarks. The scope of this service includes designing a new project or remodeling of the existing one and hiring various parties to complete different phases of the entire installation and maintenance of the entire project. These different phases include the following:

  • Design and installations or replacements of piping
  • Design of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Design, installations, and repairs of gas lines
  • Management and containment of hot water return systems
  • Detection and repairs of any leakages
  • Design, installations, and repairs of water heater systems
  • Drain and sewer design services
  • Installations of any water treatment systems
  • Installations and maintenance of sump pumP

Utility Savings

How a Properly Planned Plumbing System Brings You Utility Savings?

Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM: If your primary concern is having a plumbing system at your facility that saves, then you are most probably fed up of wastage that your current system is causing. And if you are going for a new installation then saving costs should again be your top priority. In either case, savings will bring benefit to your business both in the long and short run.

Plumbing installation services should be top notch in every regard because they will not only save you from any penalties from the local authorities but they will also provide water in all faucets and fixtures with precise flow and pressure even at the topmost floor of your facility. To achieve this, the plumbing system needs to be designed well so that the demand is managed efficiently. Additionally, all the wastewater needs to be contained too. A properly designed plumbing system will tackle all these matters while conserving your water consumptions and reducing utility costs.

About Company

About Remodeling Services Company

Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling can repair, maintain and improve your home, business or condo in Albuquerque, New Mexico Iowa and surrounding areas. We offer 15 years of experience, reasonable rates, fast service, quick turn around times and a labor guarantee. We like to focus on small to medium handyman repairs, installations, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, renovation, flooring, painting, drywall repair jobs typically lasting under 8 hours in duration. If you’re looking for the highest quality work from a professional, reliable, and honest handyman in Albuquerque and the surrounding area, you’ve come to the right place.

Our company takes great pride in the quality and care of the work that we provide to our customers. Our technicians are experienced in every area of commercial and residential maintenance that a homeowner or business owner may need. We will complete every home or business repair, improvement, maintenance, installation, remodel, or other project to your 100% satisfaction. We will use our 25 years of experience to complete your project to perfection.

Service Offered

  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Building Addition
  • Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Handyman Services
  • Concrete Contractor
  • Deck Contractor
  • Door Repair Service
  • Drywall Contractor
  • Exterior Painting Service
  • Fence Contractor
  • Foundations Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Installation Service
  • Handyman Services
  • Home Builder
  • Home Repair
  • House Remodeling
  • House Renovation
  • Interior Painting Service
  • Junk Removal
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Movers
  • Painting Contractor
  • Residential Handyman Services
  • Window Repair Service
  • General Contracting

Service Area

Our Service Area

18 Cities within 30 miles of Albuquerque, NM:
Algodones, NM | Belen, NM | Bernalillo, NM | Bosque Farms, NM | Casa Blanca, NM | Cedar Crest, NM | Corrales, NM | Isleta, NM | Jarales, NM | Kirtland AFB, NM | Los Lunas, NM | Peralta, NM | Placitas, NM | Rio Rancho, NM | Sandia Park, NM | Tijeras, NM | Tome, NM | Torreon, NM | Alameda, NM | Five Points, NM | Los Padillas, NM | Los Ranchos, NM | Los Ranchos De Abq, NM | Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, NM | Los Rnchs Abq, NM | Manzano Base, NM | Metropolitan Detention Ctr, NM | Public Service Co, NM | Sandia Base, NM | Univ Of New Mexico, NM | Univ Of Nm, NM | UNM, NM | Village Of Los Ranchos, NM.

Albuquerque, NM - Standard ZIP Codes:
87101 87102 87104 87105 87106 87107 87108 87109 87110 87111 87112 87113 87114 87115 87116 87120 87121 87122 87123 87124

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Nevertheless, the procedure of doing all this is not an easy one because you have to deal with a host of different state regulations and local codes to improve your residential or commercial facility and install one of these systems. Therefore, if you are feeling stuck within a minefield of all those municipal codes then you need to hire a good quality plumbing contractor to get the job done for you.

One of the major issues is tackling these codes and finding your way out of misinterpreting any of these terms and conditions. Hence it is crucial for you to hire the services of a plumbing contractor who will design all your plumbing equipment in a way that you don’t have to deal with penalties later on and are able to conserve water too.

Our Services

Plumbing & Sewer Services

We offer Service, Installation & Maintenance of


  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Drains: Shower, Sink, Bathtub


  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Grease Traps
  • Water Filters
  • Ice Makers
  • Dishwasher Drain & Water Lines

Water Heaters:

  • 30 Gallon, 40 Gallon, 75 Gallon, 100 Gallon
  • Thankless
  • Hot Water Boilers

Sinks & Faucets:

  • Laundry
  • Mop
  • Mud Room


  • Gas
  • Drain
  • Sewer

Other Services:

  • Leak Diagnosis
  • Video Camera Inspection
  • Gas Leak Locating & Repair

Drain Services

Repair, Unclogging, Power Rodding and Clog Removal of the following

  • Kitchen Sinks & Drains
  • Bathroom Sinks & Drains
  • Bathtub & Shower Drains
  • Toilet & Toilet Drains
  • Downspouts and Downspout Drain Lines
  • Catch Basin & Grease Traps
  • Power Rodding of Drain & Sewers

Mechanical Plumbing / Sewer Solutions

We offer Service, Installation & Maintenance of

  • Sump Pump Systems
  • Battery Backup Systems
  • High Water Alarm Systems
  • Sewage Ejector Pumps
  • Grinder Pumps
  • Water Pressure Booster Pumps
  • Hot Water Circulation Pumps & Systems
  • Hot Water Heating Systems
  • Flood Control Systems & Valves
  • Hot Water Heaters – All Sizes – Commercial / Residential
  • Hot Water Boilers & Plumbing
  • Thankless Water Systems
  • Radiant Heating Systems

Remodeling & Construction

We work with both homeowners and contractors on

  • New Plumbing Installation for Residential & Commercial Projects
  • Repiping of water and drain plumbing.
  • New plumbing for additions or remodeling projects.
  • Gas lines installation and replacement.
  • Radiant hot water heating system installation.

How Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling Can Assist You With This?

Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM: The first motive of our design engineers is to understand all present and future goals that we want to achieve with your project. Our team will make an assessment and integrate all the applicable regulations form the code and will start the design process. They will also make sure that any future matters associated with the maintenance and repair activities remain addressed as well.

Our engineers will look to gather some information from you regarding the project. We need to know what your demands are. It is critical because during the design process we have to keep a close eye on all the rules and regulations that the local authorities and state governments have set for such a plumbing system.

This is not only important during the beginning of your plumbing project but it stays relevant throughout the project’s life. As your plumbing contractor, we will provide you with all the viable assessments as per the code and will show you what rules you have to adhere to at all stages of installation and even after.

Albuquerque, NM Plumbing Repair and Installation Services

Drain Cleaning

Are constant drainage problems an issue in your home? Are you tired of dealing with standing water or foul smells coming from your sink or tub? Drain cleaning is an annual service that all homeowners in Albuquerque, NM should invest in. The service is easy, safe, and efficient and investing in it on a regular basis could help you save money in the long run.

Water Heater Repair

One of our most important residential plumbing services is water heater repair. Without a working water heater, we would be seriously inconvenienced. Bathing, showering, dishwashing, laundry, and other daily chores would be impossible. At Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling, Heating & Cooling, we offer water heater solutions for all your unique repair needs. From thermostat repairs to fixing physical damage inflicted on the unit or electrical problems inside, we can handle it all.

Residential Plumbing Installation Services


Are you tired of dealing with continuous water leaks in your home? Are your pipes old and worn-out from years of use? Have you noticed a spike in your water bill? Any of these signs point to repiping in your near future.

At Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling, Heating & Cooling, we are a reliable and efficient plumber who offers comprehensive repiping options designed to meet your unique budget and needs. From PEX piping to traditional copper, our repiping options make the service easy, fast, and efficient.

Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to plumbing installation services in your home, nothing adds as much value as a bathroom renovation. These upgrades breathe new life into your home, adding value and improving your overall quality of life. Whether your current bathroom is seriously outdated or you wish to invest in some energy-efficient appliances, we can help.

Our bathroom remodeling services include things like tub and shower installation, new fixtures, new sinks, toilets, and more. We work with the best brands in the industry to create a spa-like experience in your new bathroom.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing Construction

Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM: Our founder and licensed contractor is fully equipped to work with you in understanding and carrying out your vision for your residential property – large or small, complex or simple. Contact us for long-term contracts with management!

We are the ideal team to call for new residential projects, such as:

  • Entire home water and gas piping
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • New bathrooms and extensions

Hiring premier Albuquerque, NM plumbers for your new construction is your best chance at enjoying efficient, long-lasting, and convenient water and gas piping systems. However, our services don’t stop at residential plumbing services.

We’re equipped to construct new plumbing systems in different commercial properties, including:

  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Apartment buildings

No matter your designs for your commercial property, the Albuquerque, NM construction plumbers at Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling are the team you can trust to make your designs a reality – providing a beautiful, modern, and efficient plumbing system built to last.

Expertise Meeting Professionalism

Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM:  Best Albuquerque Handyman & Remodeling has upheld a professional standing as an evolved plumbing company since 1999, and our staff is continually perfecting the finest details of customer service.

Hiring our NE plumbers means hiring a team who:

  • Are licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Arrive at your site uniformed and ready to work
  • Have decades of experience coupled with ever-expanding knowledge
  • Have as much passion for delivering quality work on your property as you do


How Much Does A Plumber Cost?

$45 – $150 Per Hour

Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM: Small plumbing repairs like unclogging a sink or drain cleaning costs around $75 to $250, while larger jobs like fixing a water heater or sump pump run $500 to $800. Some plumbers have fixed rates for common jobs or a call-out charge of $50 to $200, which usually covers the first hour of work.

Average Plumber Rates

Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM: The cost of a plumber ranges from $500 to $800 for large repairs, and $125 to $350 for small jobs like repairing toilets, sinks, faucets, or bathtubs. Most plumbers charge between $45 and $150 per hour, and some have a minimum service call out fee or a flat rate of $75 to $250 on average.

Plumbers work on anything that involves the plumbing system of pipes, tanks, fixtures, fittings, and pumps required for the gas and water to flow through your home.

Common plumbing jobs include fixing leaky faucets, replacing burst pipes, installing a hot water heater, repairing gas lines, installing water lines, or adding new plumbing fixtures such as sinks and bathtubs.

Plumber Cost

  • National Average Cost $280
  • Minimum Cost $75
  • Maximum Cost $850
  • Average Range $125 to $350

How Much Do Plumbers Charge?

Plumbing Contractor Service near Albuquerque, NM: Plumbers charge by the hour or by the job, with hourly rates ranging from $45 to $150 or a flat fee of about $200 to $250 on average for small repairs. Hiring a master plumber costs about $100 to $200 per hour, while a handyman may only charge $45. Additional costs would be for travel, which is worked in with either:

  • Minimum service call-out fees of $50 to $150
  • Travel and trip fees of $1 to $2 per mile after the first ten miles.
  • Flat fees for standard services or the first hour of work of $200 to $250.
  • Setting a minimum number of hours to be billed for each service call.

These costs are just the base rate to have a plumber in your home—add the price for materials and supplies, the cost of travel to and from the job, insurance, and the cost of getting equipment to the job.

 Plumber Cost Per Hour

Plumbers cost $45 to $150 per hour. Plumber hourly rates average $75 before trip fees and materials. Plumbing rates depend on their experience, union dues, overhead, parts, tools, insurance, and job type. A handyman or apprentice charges about half at $25 to $45 per hour.

Flat-Rate Plumber Prices

Flat rates for smaller plumbing repairs like a clogged drain pipe are approximately $75 to $250, while bigger jobs like fixing your water heater or sump pump range in price from $500 to $800.

It saves time and money for the plumber to figure out the general cost of common issues rather than create individual quotes each time. Also, it can save the customer money if the time it takes to do the work is longer.

Plumbing Prices Per Fixture

Plumbing prices typically range from $100 to $600 per fixture. For example, an average faucet installation runs $120 to $175, and a toilet installation costs $350 or less. Rates vary by locality and the type of house.

To get a general cost estimate for new construction, a plumber can add up the number of fixtures and multiply it by his “fixture rate.” Upgraded fixtures can take more time and skill to install, with some even having Bluetooth capability, where electrical work may be required too.

Master Plumber Hourly Rate

Master plumber rates are $75 to $125 per hour because of the education and experience required, and to cover overhead costs. A master plumber can own his own business and is qualified to supervise journeyman plumbers and teach apprentice plumbers. They are also eligible for bonuses, profit sharing, and commissions.


Cost of Plumber for a House Call

Plumber Service Call Costs

Plumber service call fees range between $50 to $200 on average, which usually covers the first hour of work. The reason for this charge is to discourage casual clients who are not serious and are seeking free information. When requesting on-site quotes, be respectful of the plumber’s time, and remember they have other jobs scheduled as well.

Plumbing Trip or Call Out Fees

Many plumbers charge travel and trip fees of $1 to $2 per mile after the first ten miles. This fee covers their fuel and most of the cost of travel between your home, the plumbing supply store, and their office. Others will charge for the full first hour, even if the work only takes 15 minutes, in lieu of a plumbing service fee.


A plumber is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly by homeowners. Plumbers are responsible for repairing some of the most important parts of the home like the toilet, faucet and water heater. Failure to hire a high-quality or experienced plumber can result in costly and dangerous repairs in the future.

  1. Licensure – Most states require plumbers to hold a license, though a couple of states like Albuquerque, NM and Kansas do not. If your state does not require licensing, check to see if there have been any formal complaints filed against the plumber you are considering.
  2. Insurance – Plumbers should be insured. In some cases, they may also need to be bonded as well. Insurance will protect both you and the plumber in case of an injury or accident.
  3. Length of time in business – Ask the plumber how long he or she has been in business. A larger company will likely have plumbers with years of experience, but you should still ask. It’s a good sign if the company has been in business for several years because it often means it has a proven track record of quality work.
  4. Pricing – The plumber will know what he or she needs to do and will be able to give an accurate estimate, barring of course, any other major problems. Make sure to get at least three estimates, and be wary of any estimate that is much lower than the others. It could mean the plumber is cutting corners or plans to use inferior parts.
  5. Warranty – All plumbers should guarantee their work, including the parts. Many warranties cover the plumber’s work for up to one year. If the plumber refuses to guarantee his or her work, move on.
  6. References – Plumbers who have been in business any length of time can and will give you references. If they cannot, or will not, then consider looking elsewhere. Talking with past customers is one of the best ways to accurately gauge the quality of the plumber’s work.


Why Are Plumbers So Expensive?

Plumbers are so expensive because they are educated, trained professionals. They’ve spent thousands of dollars on training, and they’ve worked many hours as an apprentice (at a low rate of pay), up to the point where they have invested in their own business.

A plumber will come to your home in the middle of the night, they will crawl under your house, and will do all kinds of extensive work you don’t want to do.

How Do I Find Inexpensive Plumbers?

If you hire a cheap plumber and something goes wrong, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for another master plumber to fix the damage to your home. To find a high-quality plumber, ask around for recommendations from friends and coworkers, or for free. The cheapest plumbers might only be less expensive because:

  • They have no insurance.
  • They aren’t licensed.
  • They are not experienced.

How Do I Pay a Plumber?

You can pay by check or credit card, usually when the repair is complete. When you get your initial estimate, ask how they prefer to be paid. Sometimes they will prepare your final invoice in the office and then mail or email it to you.

What is a Plumber’s Hourly Wage?

The basic hourly wage for an apprentice plumber is $22 per hour. That can change as the plumber works additional years and receives more education, going up to an average of $45 per hour.

Do Plumbers Give Free Estimates or Quotes?

Many plumbers will give free estimates; however, keep in mind that preparing an accurate quote can be a labor-intensive project. If a plumber does charge for the time the estimate takes, they will usually deduct the cost of it from your final bill, if hired.

How Much Does a 24-hour Plumber Cost?

If you must call a 24-hour plumber who does charge more for late night issues, it can be in the neighborhood of $195 to $256 per hour. Some plumbers will charge you the same rate no matter what time you call them. Before you have an emergency, call some plumbers in your area to find out what their policy is.

How Much Are Plumber Union Fees?

Plumbers who belong to a union pay dues of $19 to $29 per month on average. Some unions may take a percentage of your wages that can be as high as 20%.

Roto-Rooter Labor Rates

Roto-Rooter doesn’t publish its labor rates online because hourly rates depend on the location of the business some areas of the country have higher labor rates—but based on online reviews of the service, it would appear their prices are 3–4 times the cost of getting a handyman to do the same work.


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