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On average, handymen charge $55 per hour, with costs ranging from $35 to $80 per hour plus the cost of materials they buy. For small jobs, a handyman might have a minimum charge of $50 to $100. However, how much you pay will ultimately depend on where you live and the complexity of the job.

Cost to Hire a Handyman:

  • National Average Cost $55/hour
  • Low-End Cost $35/hour
  • High-End Cost $80/hour

A handyman is a skilled worker who specializes in tackling your list of home projects. You can hire a handyman to do odd jobs and small repairs such as installing equipment and fixtures, replacing faulty parts, repairing leaky or squeaky stuff, performing general maintenance, assembling furniture, clearing out rubbish and junk, painting walls, demolishing old closets, repairing drywall, installing kitchen cabinets, handling basic carpentry or electrical work, planting shrubs, and performing other small jobs and home improvements.

What’s in this cost guide?

What affects the cost of handyman services?

Flat-rate handyman jobs

Handyman hourly rates

Travel fees

Material costs

Minimum service fee

What’s the difference between a handyman and a contractor?

How to hire a great handyman

How to save money on handyman projects

Find a handyman near you

What affects the cost of handyman services?

The cost to hire a local handyman typically depends on their hourly rate, the scope of your home project, your zip code or location, and any materials or parts required. A handyman may charge one hourly rate, regardless of project type, or may charge varying hourly rates based on how dirty, dangerous or complex the project will be. For some common home projects, a handyman can offer a flat rate based on their estimate of how long the job usually take.

Factors that might affect an hourly rate are geographic location and skill level of the handyman. In regions with a high cost of living, a handyman must charge more per hour than in an area with a lower cost of living. Insurance, vehicle upkeep and other business overhead considerations all factor into this rate.

The materials needed to complete your job will also impact your cost. Many handymen travel with the typical nuts, bolts, nails and screws needed for minor home repairs, and include the minimal cost for these small parts in their hourly rate. However, if your home repair requires costly parts, such as new blades for your ceiling fan, the handyman will bill those costs to you.

Hiring a handyman is a great way to save money in the long run because when you address minor home problems before they get worse, you can prevent a pricey visit from a licensed contractor later on. For example, having a handyman repair a leaky faucet for under $100 in labor costs saves you from paying thousands of dollars to a flooring contractor for a new floor because an unchecked leak has destroyed your subfloor.

In addition to disaster prevention, a handyman can ease your stress if you’re capable of taking on home repairs but just don’t have the time for an ever-growing list of chores.

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Flat-rate handyman jobs

Common jobs for a handyman include replacing a ceiling fan, painting a front door or installing garbage disposals. Because the handyman performs these tasks so often, they should be able to easily estimate how long the job will take them and how complex the work will be, and may offer a flat rate regardless of how much time the job actually takes.

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Our company takes great pride in the quality and care of the work that we provide to our customers. Our technicians are experienced in every area of commercial and residential maintenance that a homeowner or business owner may need. We will complete every home or business repair, improvement, maintenance, installation, remodel, or other project to your 100% satisfaction. We will use our 25 years of experience to complete your project to perfection.

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Most handymen will offer free quotes or cost estimates and charge an hourly rate for nonstandard jobs. Here are examples of flat-rate pricing for common handyman services.

National Average Costs of Common Handyman Services

  • Replace attic ladder $150
  • Replace toilet $75
  • Replace ceiling fan and light fixtures $75
  • Replace faucet $125
  • Replace garbage disposal $75

Handyman hourly rates

The average hourly rate to hire a handyman is $55, but costs range from $35 to approximately $80 per hour.  Hourly rates can vary depending on the technical skill required for a job. Some services, for example, may have a higher average hourly rate ($75-$80) for plumbing-related work than for patching a simple drywall crack ($50) because working with plumbing takes a higher level of expertise. Other handymen may have one set hourly rate, regardless of the task.

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There’s no right or wrong way for a handyman to charge for their service; just make sure you understand how your handyman charges for the jobs you need to have done before work begins. Having a simple written contract in place can also prevent any miscommunication about work to be done and pay rate.

Travel fees

Because the handyman must come to you to do the work required, excessive travel time, mileage and gas can all affect handyman labor costs. If you live in a remote location that is hard to find or is distant from the handyman’s other jobs, that can factor into pricing as well.

Charges for extra distance or travel time can be either a flat fee (e.g., $10) or a per-mile charge for every mile beyond a certain distance from the handyman’s usual service area. For example, one handyman might charge a travel fee of $10 anytime they drive more than 30 minutes to a customer’s house. Another handyman might charge 50 cents per mile anytime they drive farther than 25 miles to reach their client’s house. A handyman should let you know ahead of time if a travel fee will apply to the total price of your services.

Material costs

Often, a handyman will have universal supplies on hand. These can include nails, screws, nuts and bolts, and other basic building supplies. If your project requires special supplies, many will not bill per hour for shopping time, as long as the supplies are easy to get from a nearby hardware store or other usual sources.

Be sure to describe your job and the materials needed clearly so the handyman understands the details of the job before arriving at your house. If you’re not familiar with the job or the parts, send a photo of the project to help the handyman see what will be needed.

When your project requires additional supplies, the purchase of job materials can be handled in several ways:

Handyman purchases and incorporates cost of goods into your bill

Handyman purchases, incorporates cost of goods into bill and charges an hourly rate for shopping

Customer purchases materials before the contractor arrives for the job. If you select this option, be sure to have the pro confirm that you have purchased the appropriate parts for the job. This will save you both time and money.

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Minimum service fee

A handyman may charge a minimum fee for their services to ensure that they meet their business operating expenses every time they accept a job. The minimum service fee also helps the handyman account for the time and effort it takes for them to book a client, arrive at a job site and set up to work.

If the handyman charges an hourly rate, the minimum service fee is usually the equivalent of a minimum number of hours, regardless of how small the job is. For example, if the handyman’s standard hourly fee is $50 and it only takes them one hour to clean out your gutters but they have a minimum service fee of two hours, you will be charged a total price of $100.

Ask the pro about any minimum service fees, and bundle together smaller jobs to maximize the handyman’s time and your money.

What’s the difference between a handyman and contractor?

Hiring a handyman is an affordable solution for most home repairs, but sometimes you need to hire a contractor. You may need a more experienced pro to handle the job for safety reasons, or your state’s law requires you to hire a licensed contractor for the type of work you need done. In some states, a financial threshold dictates when you must hire a licensed contractor.

For example, in California, the California State License Board (CSLB) requires that for any construction project in excess of $500, you must hire a contractor who is licensed in that trade by the CSLB.

Always research your state and local laws before booking a pro for larger projects. Specific trades that may require a licensed contractor in your state can include:

  • HVAC work
  • Plumbing projects
  • Roofing installation or major roofing repairs
  • Electrical installation and repair
  • Concrete and other masonry work
  • Flooring

If your state requires licensed contractors to perform certain types of work, you may not be able to receive permits for construction or pass code inspection for your remodel unless you work with a licensed contractor.

Being up to code matters not only if you want to sell your home in the future, but also if you want your homeowners insurance policy to cover you in case of an accident. Most insurance providers will not pay for damages that result from unlicensed work. Even if you don’t care about future home sales or insurance coverage, it’s important to work with an expert when their trade — such as gas, sewage, or electricity — could directly affect the safety of your family.

How to hire a great handyman

When looking for a great handyman, try to find someone you can develop an ongoing relationship with. It’s great to have a skilled handyman you can trust to repair or upgrade things at your house as needed. Whether you lack the skills or the free time to make progress on your to-do list, a great handyman makes your home better.

Here’s a basic checklist to use when hiring a handyman:

  • Read reviews: Great work speaks for itself through positive online reviews from previous and current customers. Look for someone with a range of experience
  • Work experience: If you need to replace a leaky toilet, look for a handyman who has successfully installed toilets. You don’t want your handyman trying out their first toilet installation on the only bathroom in your house.
  • Discuss rates: Find out ahead of time whether your future handyman charges by the hour or will quote you a flat rate.
  • Discuss payment options: Do they only accept cash or checks? Do they accept credit cards? For bigger jobs, talk about payment plans. If you hire a handyman for a multi-day project, they may request a deposit, but be wary of anyone who wants you to pay in full before work starts or before work is completed.
  • Gut check the estimate: People who provide drastically lower estimates may not be reputable and tend to disappear. Trustworthy operations require standard rates to remain in business.
  • Look at past projects: Look for a handyman who has been in business over the years, who will be more likely to stand by their work.
  • Talk about job timelines: For a bigger project, such as hanging wallpaper throughout your entire home, discuss when the project will start, what time they will arrive for work each day, approximately how many hours of work they will do per day and when they expect to finish. Whether the job will take only a few hours or several weeks, make sure you agree on a timeline you’re both happy with.

How to save money on handyman projects

Although hiring a handyman is usually less expensive than bringing on a licensed contractor, it still costs money. Here are some cost-saving strategies that allow you to hire the help you need while also reducing your financial output:

Bundling together home repair jobs: Handymen who charge an hourly rate will often have a minimum charge. This means that even if the task takes 20 minutes, you are likely to be charged for a full hour. Group together smaller household jobs to capitalize on your handyman’s time and make the most of your investment.

Spend time on planning: Communicate clearly while hiring and let the pro know exactly what the projects entail and what materials will be required. Sending photos (from more than one angle) of each project can give the handyman a better understanding of what tools and materials to bring.

If special supplies are needed, communicate clearly about that, too: For example, if you want the handyman to paint an accent wall in your home, tell them the wall size, exact paint color and paint sheen, and indicate if you need any touch-ups to your drywall before painting. Providing as much detail as possible makes the handyman more efficient and saves you money.





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